The Hardest Yoga

Zoetic Tales

Summer came rushing in 13876387_10154361073972731_hard in May – Amazing! I live for these 4 months every year.  Being Vata* by nature there’s nothing like the summer heat and sunshine.  4 months to get out and do all the soul feeding, adventure seeking, live wide open things I crave the other 8 months.

The 2nd last Saturday in July my summer came to a grinding halt on a beautiful hiking path I’d been dying to explore.  On unsteady terrain I took my attention off my feet and put it onto an adorable Bernese Mountain Dog sauntering my way. I took my attention off long enough to slip off a large knotty tree root & fracture my ankle.  With that split second went all my summer plans: weeks crammed full of yoga classes, new trails to explore, day trips climbing through mines and waterfall with the kids… replacing it with days of…

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