A Word a Week Photo Challenge : Clouds

Dropping off my wife at work one day and we were both in awe at these cloud formations, angry and apocalyptic!

Just grabbed the photo on my phone, but I think it still captures the awesomeness of the moment.

Angry clouds

Find out more about this challenge at A WORD A WEEK PHOTO CHALLENGE

20 responses to “A Word a Week Photo Challenge : Clouds

      • Actually, entries are being sent directly to my email, which is posted with the competition information.
        What I’m doing is selecting the best ones, and having two rounds of reader voting to determine first a top ten, then the final winner. All photos will have a link back to the blog of the person submitting, and a brief description of each photo. If you want to see the results of our last one, you can find it here: http://fieldnotesfromfatherhood.com/2012/07/31/photo-contest-winners/
        Hope you can send some shots!

  1. I love the picture, the title and the emotions in the turbulence! I take pictures all the time of clouds on my antiquated cell phone. I have one I captured what looks like an angel looking down. Definitely clouds are visionary in one way or another!

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