Spring….. I smell spring!


Just a few weeks ago this was the scene on my commute to work but now all the snow has gone, replaced by greening grass and budding fruit trees. 

Now the scene is like this…


Budding vines!

So why am I so excited about spring, why am I all heady that I can smell it?

Firstly coming from the UK, winters are rarely harsh. But here in the so called ‘great white north’  aka Canada, winters are cold. In fact Canada does have distinct seasons. Britain just has weather!

So after a cold winter, spring is such a welcomed season now. In fact I think this is the first time I’ve smelt spring…. Fresh rain on blossoming trees, mmmmm.

Secondly, looking at the countryside is getting me excited as this will be our backyard in a few weeks.  Yes we’re moving to wine country, Niagara. 

Can’t wait to leave behind Toronto’s incessant hum and begin to explore the niagara peninsula.  All those wineries to visit, all with alluring names such as ‘Angels Gate’, it’ll be ‘trick or treating’ for adults!

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