I’ve seen a castle in Wales…… (Song of the month)

We all have thoughts of travel and of coming home. This months song is by an amazing Canadian artist called Dallas Green.

The song? ‘Coming Home’, such a haunting song, one you get lost in.

As for the line ‘I’ve seen a castle in Wales’ well yes I have, but as the song suggests, nothing beats home. It could be anywhere, but it’s where the heart is I suppose.

Where are you coming home too? Where is your dream of the return?

Go on close your eyes and get lost in the awesome song!

3 responses to “I’ve seen a castle in Wales…… (Song of the month)

  1. You have some cool music here! thanks for doing the research. I would like to go home to my childhood home in Sandusky, Ohio and play in my play kitchen and grocery store out of a refrigerator box. Memories are sweet of “home” where my mom, dad, and 2 brothers were with me.

  2. A lovely song, thanks for sharing it with us. As someone who has travelled a fair bit and lived in many places I have difficulty in knowing exactly where home is. I guess my roots were never planted deeply enough.

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