Relaxing Rituals 1: Inhale Beauty

In a fast paced world it can be hard to relax, calm down and feed our senses. We all need relaxation time. Many say they have time for recreation, but is it really that? Are we really using some time to re-create ourselves, or are we imbibing in werck-reation?

So how about just taking some time to inhale beauty. Just go out for a walk, be it in a park, the coast a friends garden, it doesnt matter. Just go out and take in all the beauty our world has to offer. It’s a simple but effective thing to do in order to relax and enjoy life fully.

Maybe the gallery will get your feet moving to go try…..

4 responses to “Relaxing Rituals 1: Inhale Beauty

  1. I have to say, that “Trees” photo is very cool! The beauty I’m inhaling here in the Pacific northwest doesn’t look anything like these pictures – not in December – but it’s beautiful nonetheless, even if one has to look a little harder.

    • Thanks for you comment. Funny, the trees photo was a grab shot with my phone this fall! Funny how those shots come out the best. At least we can search and find the beauty eh?

  2. Oh, I know what you mean with the phone shots – they’re so spontaneous, and they don’t allow us to get in the way of ourselves! Thanks very much for following –

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