Travel Enters My Blood…..

I remember the visit to the doctors. It was back in 1968, I was eight. I asked my Dad,

“Why are we going to the doctors?” His reply was, “To get vaccinated.” To which the inevitable reply from an eight year old was “Why?”

Well my Dad explained why. In short, we were emigrating to Fiji! My Dad had a job offer there and so we were going, the whole family, which was Mum, Dad, my younger brother and me.

I still smile at my reply to Dad when he said we were off to Fiji…..”Is that more than eight miles away Dad?” Why I said eight miles I have no answer. As you all know U.K. to Fiji IS more than eight miles away, it’s the other side of the globe!

For a young ‘Scally’ dragged up in Liverpool, what an adventure this was going to be! Obviously there was a tearful farewell to the family and although I would not admit it, I was going to miss my Grandfather!

So it was a train to London then a Pan Am flight to L.A. for a fuel stop, then on to Hawaii for another re-fuel and finally on to Fiji. No 747’s back then for non-stop flying, it was an old 727 for us. 36 hours after leaving LHR, yes 36 hours! we arrived in Fiji. How times have changed, you can fly to Australia now in 23 hours!

But, so it began, my life-long love affair with traveling. Doesnt have to be far, I just love visiting new places.

Oh and in case you are wondering, that is a picture of me when we arrived in Fiji! More tales from that beautiful island chain to come.

me in Fiji

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