Dream of the Return

For years this song has haunted me, in a nice way, because its a beautiful composition by Pat Metheny. It wasn’t until I got the lyrics translated that I fully understood the song and why if fits me so perfectly and, hence, the theme of this blog.

Here are the lyrics and below a nice video set to the song, beautifully sung by Pedro Aznar

Dream of The Return
Music: Pat Metheny – Vocals: Pedro Aznar

I tossed a poem to the sea
that took with it my questions and my voice
Like a slow ship it got lost in the spray

I asked it not to return
without having seen the open sea
and in dreams telling me of its visions.

Even if it didn’t return
I would know if it arrived.

Travel the whole life
on the blue calm or foundering in storms
little matters the way if some port awaits

I waited so long for the message
that I forgot to return to the sea
and thus I lost the poem
I cried to the heavens all my rancor
I finally found it written in the sand
like a prayer

The sea beat in my veins
and set my heart free

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